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Plants of the Summer Rainfall Region

The plants of the Cape and Succulent Karoo Floras are adapted to dry summers. In the rest of southern Africa, most of the rain falls in the summer months. The plants found here belong to different vegetation types---Nama Karoo, Grassland, Savanna and Desert---and grow in an extraordinary diversity of habitats.

The Satin-bark Commiphora, Commiphora tenuipetiolata, leafless in winter on a limestone outcrop on Peet Albert's Koppie near Kamanjab, Namibia

The Hairbell, Dierama grandiflorum, flowering in summer in grassland on Bosberg above Somerset East, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Dietes grandiflora flowering in summer on the margins of coastal forest patches on the Wild Coast at Wavecrest, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Gladiolus oppositiflorus flowering in summer amongst basalt boulders on Naude's Nek in the Eastern Cape Drakensberg, South Africa

Moraea spathulata flowering in summer in grassland on basalt high in the mountains near Naude's Nek in the Eastern Cape Drakensberg, South Africa

The large succulent Halfmens, Pachypodium namaquanum, in full flower in spring on a quartzite ridge on the farm Hotson near Pella in Bushmanland, Northern Cape, South Africa

The Yellow Arum, Zantedeschia pentlandii, flowering in summer in habitat amongst granite boulders with a stormy sky beyond in Mapoksland near Roossenekal, Mpumalanga, South Africa

A Quiver Tree, Aloe dichotoma, flowering in the extremely arid Tiras Mountains north of Aus, Namibia