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The Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden, spectacularly sited on the eastern slopes of Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain, is famous around the world. First developed a hundred years ago to show-case the splendours of South Africa's indigenous wildflowers (the first botanic garden in the world to do so) it is now a must-see for locals and visitors alike.

The leaves in autumn colour of a Maidenhair Tree, Gingko biloba, growing in the  Kirstenbosch gardens below the eastern face of Table Mountain on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa

A male Orange-breasted Sunbird, Anthobaphes violacea, probing the flowers of Erica verticillata, a species extinct in the wild, for nectar in summer at Kirstenbosch, Cape Peninsula, South Africa

The Mesemb Banks in full flower in late spring and the Main Walk in the Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden, Cape Town, South Africa

Crane Flowers, Strelitzia reginae, flowering in spring in cultivation next to the Main Lawns in the Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden with Castle Rock beyond, Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Spring flowers in the beds below the main steps in the Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden, Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Helmeted Guineafowl, Numida meleagris, on the lawns in the Erica Section in the  Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Plectranthus cultivars flowering in autumn near the Dell in the Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden, Cape Town, South Africa